Drawing protector

The PrintGard



HD-PrintGard900x500Drawing Protector PrintGard

  • american-flag-349x192Made in the USA
  • Sturdy Black Nylon Drawing Protector that Fastens Automatically When Rolled and Becomes an Integral Part of the Rolled Drawing
  • Drawings are Spring Clipped to the PrintGard for Easy Viewing and Handling
  • End Flaps Hold Drawings Open for Easy View and Handling
  • No Need for Rubber Bands or Other Fasteners
  • Easy to Carry and Store in Office or Vehicle
  • Outside Label for Easy Identification
  • Protects Prints from Sunlight
  • Provides Moisture Resistant Barrier
  • Attractive and Durable
Company Logo Can be Imprinted on the PrintGard for Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and Name Recognition
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